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"Once you hear that sludgy vicious roar, it’s too late- Tiger On Opium have jumped at your throat, hungry for the rock ’n roll kill, and in that moment you’ll realize there’s no better way to go. The Portland riff gods summon the gnarliest ghost of garage-punk and stoner-rock past and give ‘em the brass-knuckle treatment until their guts spill into songs thick with churning power grooves and the penetrating howls of the deliciously deranged."
-Michael Alan Goldberg/Pitchfork, Washington Post, PDX Mercury-
"Portland, Oregon strikes again in providing a truly kick-ass and great band to check out.  This time it’s Tigers On Opium to impress you with their bombastic style of Stoner, Punk, Grunge, Rock and Roll with a knowing Pop Sensibility.  "



“The tiger rides with a cloud of black smoke.  It brings you into that void.

Here, there is no pain of living; no remorse over death;

no fear of instinct.  The opium makes you drunk on

heightened awareness.  Like a rose, 

the petals of your soul blossom.”


- Anonymous Shaolin Monk


This isn’t meant to be played safe.  This is rock n’ roll.  Shake what yo mama gave ya.


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