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Jeff Urquhart-King Banana



Triangles Around Us


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Tigers On Opium is a hard rock band based out of Portland, OR. They have a distinct stoner rock sound that incorporates punk, psychedelic and desert rock traits, with lyrics typically involving esotericism, mysticism, underground drug and social culture, personal experiences, and marijuana. Tigers has earned a strong reputation for their electrifying live performances and well crafted songs. The quartet consists of members Juan Carlos Caceres, Nate Wright, Charles Hodge, and Jeanot Lewis-Rolland.

Critics have frequently compared the band’s sound to heavy hitters such as
Queens of the Stone Age, Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats, Electric Wizard, Torche, Alice in Chains and Refused - And like these bands, Tigers shares a hunger for the exploration of new ideas, while simultaneously staying rooted in what makes all this music timeless... THE RIFF!
The result is a dark and dirty psychedelic fuzz that leaves the typical genre conventions in an insalubrious haze.
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